Thursday, 27 October 2011

It's now Thursday morning here in Bordeaux. After a long day of traveling yesterday......leaving Riihimäki at 8.15am and arriving at my hotel at 9.30pm I was some what tired, I had intended to do some work on the computer on the train journey between Paris and Bordeaux but unlike the Finnish trains there were no power points for the computer so instead I did some mental planning.

Karl (our workshop facilitator) had sent out a list of question to our participants as a way of preparing both the work shop team and those taking part.
These are the questions;

What does neighbourhood artistic projects mean too you?
What examples of neighbourhood projects are you familiar with, successful or not?
How could a participatory / community / neighbourhood project be realised from your position?

We would also like you to write two (or more) questions to help us prepare the workshop:

- Which aspects of neighbourhood participatory projects are you interested in?
- What would you like to know about neighbourhood artistic projects?

I read through the the last reply last night, these questions and answers have been a great help to me in being able to structure my part of the workshop and what I might present.

We, Guy-André, Karl and myself were asked to present one of our neighbourhood projects in detail but owing to the nature of the replies sent by our participants I have decided after much deliberation to present 3 projects, all these projects are linked, and show the processes, successes and failures. With out showing the 3 projects and how each one was a result of the previous it would be difficult to concretely address the questions asked by our workshop participants. It's now 9.40am registration at TNT starts is between 11.00 and 2.00, Karl is in a meeting 10-12 so hopefully I'll meet up with him and Guy-André over lunch.

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