Saturday, 29 October 2011


Ok so I'm back!

So as I said before we proposed moving out side during lunch and this proposal was welcomed by all.

Workshop afternoon session:
We began the session by asking the question "why do we want to engage in neighbourhood projects?" this was then answered in one sentence or one word by all.
Which then led into a discussion as to the definition of "neighbourhood" the majority of the participants referred to neighbouring communities close to their work places, whether it was residential, industrial or commercial.
We also debated 'What is a neighbourhood project' and what do we feel is important to be present for it to work?

At about 4.00 the sun disappeared behind a looming black cloud and a few members of the group showed signs of feeling cold, so gathering up our chairs and belongings we returned back to our room.

At this point as we were already on the move we decided to split the group into two, with the idea that we would ask the participants of the groups who had not had experience of working with neighbourhood projects what they would like to learn and ask from those of the group who had.

This for me was probably the most successful part of the work shop as we were really able to examine, how to start a project, what might be the problems encountered, what are the reasons for failures and what to do about failures.

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