Saturday, 29 October 2011


I decided to start today's blogging with some images to help you all place yourselves here with us here at TNT Bordeaux. These images briefly document yesterdays workshop talking about how we as cultural operators connect with our neighbours, discussing and present projects we have done, how, where and why. The successes and failures.
Who were our collaborators.
The morning began with short presentations by Karl Hallberg, Guy-André Lagesse and myself of a project that we have carried out with our neighbours, time had been a bit reduced as the general gathering of the days workshop introduction and warm-up had run over time, so it was tight timing for the three of us to impart our joint ventures and as a consequence it was a lot of listening for our participants, with little time for questions.

During the lunch break Karl and I discussed the notion of moving outside for the afternoon session, based on a couple of reasons.....1. We were in a small, warm room, with over 20 participants.......2. It was a beautiful day outside, so why not take full advantage of the TNT garden.

I now have to post this as I am about to loose my connection, I will try to reconnect and continue...

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